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What is Changing Mirrors

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Changing Mirrors is a mindset that I had as I was gaining excess weight over a course of about 14 years. I made a mental decision to change my unhealthy image in my mirror to a healthier image by deciding to lose those unwanted pounds. Changing Mirrors is the visualization of one’s self in their current unhealthy situation.

Changing Mirrors cannot change someone’s life unless that person is willing to CHANGE. I realized that I could not continue my same eating behavior and expect different results. No Efforts- No Results! Changing Mirrors was the beginning phase of my weight loss strategies. I mentally focused on that self loathing image in my mirrors, which was destroying my health. Since I don’t have the money nor the time to invest in the other available weight loss programs, I decided to develop my own Low Cost, No Cost, Weight Loss Plan and became my own test dummy. As you can see-IT WORKS!


Ardyss Life Live Product

Get your copy of Changing Mirrors today!


H.E.L.P. (Healthier Eating Lifestyle Plan) Strategies

H.E.L.P. Weight Loss Strategies is my plan I created to help transform my morbidly obese body into the much slimmer healthier body I see today in my mirrors. H.E.L.P. Weight Loss Strategies contains simple, basic solutions to assist with your weight loss efforts. My weight loss strategies won't stress you out or have you dripping in sweat, unless you enjoy getting sweaty.

help strategies smallMost people know how to lose weight. But do they know how to keep it off by continuing to eat to keep it off? Are you one of those individuals stuck on "starting" to lose weight? Are you seeking help for a no gimmick, no fad eating solution to weight loss?

H.E.L.P. Weight Loss Strategies is a key to unlocking that lock you have on your weight which has been keeping you from your weight loss goals.



Unleash the power of H.E.L.P. Weight Loss Strategies


The material provided is for informational use only. I not a nutritionist or do I represent myself as an expert in the field of weight loss.

If you are overweight and you are thinking of following any of the tips provided in this site or any of the accompanying literature please, consult with your physician first.

I highly suggest following your doctor’s advice on weight loss, then add H.E.L.P. Weight Loss Strategies. I’ve attempted several times to shed pounds in the last 18 years with no lasting results. I decided to stop paying for the next infomercial “guaranteed weight loss” products. There are countless weight loss programs out there. It seems that every few months a new one comes out. I gathered up pieces of this confusing and complex puzzle to create H.E.L.P. Weight Loss Strategies. I just couldn't afford another bill paying for their foods and my regular grocery bill, too.